Machine Learning

Paul Simmering


March 29, 2021

Cosmention was an AI-powered social media monitoring tool for the cosmetics industry. A fully automated data pipeline starting from social media APIs and ending in a customizable dashboard. Over 100 million social media posts and more than 10 million customer reviews were collected and analyzed using machine learning models.

I am the inventor and lead developer and started the project as an independent SaaS offering. It was acquired by Q Insight Agency and used by dm, the largest drug store chain in Europe.

The SaaS offering is not available to the public anymore, but the landing page can still be viewed as an archive.

I presented the data pipeline in 2021 at the BVM (German association of social and market researchers) symposium on artificial intelligence and wrote an article on, the largest German market research website.

Tech stack: R, Shiny, spaCy (Python), AWS, Docker, Postgres, Snowflake